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A Pep Talk on the Path to Going Public

Updated: May 11, 2022

leadership communication skills

CEOs carry the heaviest presentation load.

Here's a letter to a CEO after a rough dry-run where he received contradictory advice.

Mike, I know you are getting different views. I marveled at how well you accepted all feedback yesterday. You have 100% control over what you think throughout this process. Here are some thoughts that fuel great performances. Mindset is everything – as I KNOW YOU KNOW.

I shoot the past: When I misstep or misspeak, I forget and move forward

My words are magic bullets that create the future

Everything is always working out for me

I am a role model

I am helping people

I am making a difference

I am clear

I am an exceptional communicator

I am an interesting person

I am fun

I am handsome/beautiful

I am smart

I am honest

I am a good listener

I only promote win-win ideas

I have a great team

I have great ideas

I have unique perspectives

I have enormous courage

I have support

I do great work

I listen

I react positively

I am patient

I cut through the noise

I play straight

I shoot the past - I shoot the past - I shoot the past!

I do not complain, blame, or make excuses

I do not spend time with those who complain, blame, or make excuses

I am in the arena – not them

I do this to please myself and God

I do it my way



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