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Leadership Communication Tip #17: Ask for Investment

Great leaders excel not only in guiding their teams towards success but also in masterfully securing the resources needed to achieve their vision.

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One of the most critical, yet challenging, skills a leader must cultivate is the ability to ask for investment. It is truly an art form.

So, how can leaders approach these pivotal conversations not just with hope, but with confidence and a well-defined strategy? In our upcoming lesson, we will explore the fine art of soliciting investment by honing in on four pivotal areas: Mindset, Style, Structure, and Strategy.

1. Mindset: Transition your mindset from one of scarcity to one of opportunity. Viewing investment conversations through this lens empowers you to approach discussions with positivity and potential, rather than dread and doubt.

2. Style: Communication style can make or break your request. We will explore how to refine your style to ensure it invites engagement and fosters a collaborative spirit, rather than coming off as demanding or alienating.

3. Structure: Clarity is key in any investment request. We will dissect how to structure your appeals in a way that clearly and compellingly articulates the value and returns, making it nearly impossible to ignore or decline your proposal.

4. Strategy: Anticipate potential objections and prepare to address them head-on. Strategic foresight in these conversations allows you to maneuver through and mitigate resistance effectively.

Additionally, we'll confront common limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts:

  • Fear of Perception: The anxiety that asking for more will make you seem greedy or aggressive.

  • Dread of Difficult Questions: The concern that you will not be able to handle challenging questions effectively.

  • Worry about Reasonableness: The fear that your request will be viewed as unreasonable or that the rationale behind it won’t be understood

In this lesson, we'll provide strategies not only to overcome these fears but also to reshape them into strengths. This approach ensures that your investment requests do more than secure necessary funding; they also enhance and sustain robust relationships with your peers and key decision-makers.

Are you ready to transform how you ask for investment? Master the art of making compelling requests with clarity and confidence. Let’s elevate your leadership through strategic communication that advances your goals and garners the support your initiatives deserve.


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