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Best Public Speakers: Studying Rob Fauber's Leadership Communication

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We included Rob Fauber on our “Best Public Speakers” list because of his top-down communication and vocal presence. He is the President and CEO of Moody's Corporation. Moody's is a global integrated risk assessment firm that utilizes data, analytical solutions, and insights to help organizations make better decisions.

We reviewed Fauber's message from 2021 announcing that Moody's will acquire RMS, a leading global provider of climate and natural disaster risk modeling and analytics.

Fauber's leadership communication takeaways:

1. Thinking a smile: Fauber responds with a slight smile and "smiling eyes'. This makes him appear more approachable which helps the audience feel more comfortable. He nods often, which can be seen as a submissive gesture, but it balances out the assertiveness of his direct answers.

2. Pitch range and resonance: Fauber highlights important words with higher pitches and more volume. This vocal choice makes his words more memorable to the audience. We recommend he use this more.

3. Grand Gestures: Fauber uses wide hands and arm movements to underscore "family" and "broad growth." Grand gestures outside of the body signal passion and confidence.

4. Structure: Fauber uses examples and top-down communication (starting with the main idea followed by supporting points) to make his messages clear, concise, and compelling.

How Fauber could improve his leadership communication:

1. Facial Expression: Fauber's facial expression does not change much until minute 3 of the video. If he were to start matching his facial expressions to his words earlier, he would appear more emotionally credible while also grabbing the audience's attention.

2. Gesture: At times, Fauber clutches his hands which is a stress-inducing gesture. He would benefit from dropping his hands to his lap in a neutral position when he is not actively gesturing.

3. Weakening language: Fauber uses "kind of, just, and yeah" which decreases his authority. Leaving out those qualifiers would make his message stronger.


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