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Leadership Communication Lesson #9: Create Connection

Senior leaders need to be able to connect with anyone. The best CEOs are those who can talk to anyone. Learn how to develop the skill of connecting with others. Learn how in this Leadership Communication lesson.

Tips for Connecting:

  • Expect a great conversation

  • Front load something personal in the conversation

  • Get people talking about PPD (People, Passions, and Dreams)

  • Balance the conversation

  • Meaningful eye contact

  • Match vocal styles

  • Mirror breathing

  • Remove technology distractions

Come into the conversation with beliefs in your head like:

  • I learn so much from you.

  • I get you.

  • I could talk to you forever.

  • I like the way you talk.

  • I want to know you better.

  • You are fascinating. 

  • You are going places.

  • You are the one.

  • We will be lifelong friends.

Your ability to connect with others depends upon how accessible self-love is. If you tend to be hard on yourself, you are likely hard on others. You will have a hard time extending trust and compassion as sincerely and deeply as those who trust and love themselves. Work on self-love to strengthen your ability to build relationships.

There are other negative beliefs that people carry around with them that also impair connection. Here are two common ones:

  1. I don't think they like me.

  2. They don't like me.

Neither of these are facts - - and make connection harder than it needs to be. Focusing on being outnumbered and different than others also limits connection. Focusing on being in a male dominated or female dominated team, impairs your connection with them.


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