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Leadership Communication #10: Grow Your Network

Why do you need a strong network?  It helps you navigate through challenging moments, helps increase visibility around your initiatives, helps grow business, and becomes your personal board of directors. 

Listen and learn how in this lesson, Grow Your Network.

Over time, people start making excuses for why relationship building is not a priority.

  1. It’s difficult to build relationships by phone

  2. It’s not part of my job

  3. My leader says this is not important

  4. I know all the people I need to know

What if you approached this differently?  Here’s what could get you more excited and better at networking.

  1. Get curious

  2. Believe that you are a great listener 

  3. Enjoy talking about your background and experience 

  4. Desire to meet everyone

  5. Be adaptable

  6. Enjoy working with different people and different working styles 

Little actions yield great results:

  1. Write thank you notes

  2. Champion and hype others

  3. Gather people cross-functionally

  4. Make an event around a hot theme

  5. Teach others what you know

  6. Connect with your internal Comms and Learning people. They need you, and you can become a spokesperson and facilitator for them.

Become a culture agent! Go carve out the time. Write the communications. Create the events.

By Stephanie Bickel


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