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Communication for Leadership Success: Follow these Guidelines to Up Your Game

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

by Stephanie Bickel

Leader Communication

When you’re the expert, people look to you for your authority, your value, and your guidance. You’re acting in the best interest of not just the team, but also the organization and its various stakeholders—and that’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of impact.

As an expert, you will be most effective if you can consistently practice these skills for communication for leadership success:

1. Be direct

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be respectful and clear.

2. Have concise message structure.

Organize your comments logically and purposefully.

3. Use strong language.

Use active verbs and words that are precise and understandable. Don’t use jargon.

4. Remove filler words and qualifying statements.

Weaker language undermines your authority. Pause instead.

5. Simplify, get to the point.

It’s often best to begin with the main point and follow it with appropriate supporting information.

6. Avoid any unnecessary details.

Think first about what is most important to your audience.

7. Take pauses and slow down.

Give others the chance to process what you’re saying.

8. Be loud, have a lower pitch, and speak with linear direction.

Use intentional gestures, that reinforce, as opposed to distracting from, your message.

9. Maintain strong eye contact.

Lock and hold instead of scanning the room.

10. Practice active listening.

Make sure your audience feels heard.

11. Control your breath to support your voice.

Posture, hydration, and breathing all contribute to the quality of your voice. Make sure you breathe in between statements and during pauses to keep your voice at the top of its game.

12. Be focused and clear in your message.

Bring yourself, or others, back on track when necessary.

13. Plan and be prepared.

Anticipate questions or objections. Practice your responses ahead of time.

It’s an honor to be relied upon as an expert. To be at your most effective with communication for leadership success you have to keep earning the team’s respect. Stay humble, and remember that you, too have something to learn from those you’re working with.


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