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Group Experiences

Strengthen your organization, culture, and teams. Foster trust. Align messaging, and create your new gold standard for communication.

Let’s design an experience your people will not forget.

Onsite group trainings can be delivered in small groups (4-6 people) or large groups (15-30 people). Each module is designed for 3 hours, and we can adapt the approach for shorter trainings or keynote presentations.

The Blog

Are you ready to start planning?

Who is this for?


How do you want your team to be different?

I want them to:

  • Be more confident

  • Deliver clear and concise message

  • Handle pushback with poise

  • Manage up to leadership

  • Win more business

  • Increase their influence with important stakeholders

  • Tell compelling stories to inspire and motivate their teams

The Group Experience Process


  • About Us

  • About You

  • Your Goals

  • Your Audience

  • Our Process

  • Planning Call

  • Align on Logistics

  • Review Participants

  • Walk-through Content

  • Customize the Elements

  • Pre-Survey Participants

  • Style

  • Structure

  • Strategy

  • Leadership Principles

  • Feedback Survey

  • What was most valuable?

  • What could make it better?

  • Debrief Call

  • Next Steps

  1. Confident Mindset

  2. Language of Leadership

  3. Executive Presence

  4. Strong Starts & Closes

  5. Assertive Communication

  6. Storytelling

  7. Facilitation Skills

  8. Handling Objections

  9. High Stake Audiences

  10. Poise Under Pressure


Training Topics


Articulating a Vision

Mindsets that Matter

Building Trust

Relationship Building

Crisp, Confident,
& Credible

360 Leadership Communication Agility

Delegate and Elevate

Communicating as a Technologist

Personal Brand

Presenting with Impact

The Number Story

Escalating Issues

Influencing Others

Handling Difficult Situations


Coaching Others to Greatness

Art of Dealing with Objection

Perfecting the Pitch

High Impact Meetings

I have taken 3 or 4 classes of this type from Dale Carnegie to employer based ones and you by far were the best.  I’m coming back. I think you can help me be way more than I thought possible.




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