Upskilling a Must to Enhance your Leadership Communication Skills

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

by Stephanie Bickel and Michelle Batko

leadership communication skills

“If you are not growing, you are dying.” These are harsh but true words in a pandemic. How do you adapt to the current circumstances? How do you remain valuable to the marketplace or your employer? How do you help your organization pivot and thrive?

Upskilling is the answer. People are excited about the opportunity to make our post-pandemic chapter, a better chapter.

Executive search consultants are craving exceptional virtual communication to influence Boards and guide CXO candidates. Investment bankers want skills for virtual networking and virtual business development. Consultants who used to travel are committed to demonstrating that virtual engagements have the same impact if not more virtually to avoid having to travel in Q4 and maybe beyond.

How we make the case for more flexible hours, mobility, and work from home days? Upskilling

How do we continue along our career track? Upskilling

How do our companies recover? Upskilling

How do we upskill?

The top ways to demonstrate your learning mindset and professional growth are through:

1. Digitizing all that you can and then teaching others how to do the same

2. Becoming exceptional at virtual communication

3. Becoming a better writer with clear messages

  1. Digitizing: Become a tech pro.

Ask questions, read articles, watch tutorials. These are the ways to get great with technology. The options are endless when it comes to all the resources we have virtually. It’s up to you to learn about them all to make every conversation and meeting worthwhile. You have to be flexible - you can’t be set in your ways as everything is changing around you.

Some ideas:

A. Introduce slack to your team

B. Send video explanations with Loom

C. Bring fun into a Zoom session using games from Icebreakers.io

2. Becoming exceptional at virtual communication