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Best Public Speakers Series: Katie Couric

An American treasure, Katie Couric is a Journalist, interviewer, and presenter. Katie is a journalist and presenter. She is founder of Katie Couric Media, a multimedia news and production company. Katie has worked for NBC News, CBS News, and ABC News.

Best Public Speakers

I heard her speak once and was mesmerized by her gift balancing humor and intellect. She spoke from the podium for a full hour with notes in front of her, and she made it sound completely unscripted. It was fascinating to watch. She now has her own media company where you can go for all news from Katie!

We included Katie Couric on our "Best Public Speakers" list because of her sharp messaging and great connection with the audience which creates instant warmth. She is excellent at making her guests comfortable and then asking the pointed questions.

We could watch Katie videos all day, but this is the one we studied of Katie Couric. Leadership Communication Coach, Michelle Davis, reviewed Katie Couric's chat with producer Tony Maciulis on what makes a good interview. Katie provides insight on what has made her successful and gives advice to others.

What We Can Learn from Katie:

  • Warm and welcoming body language - Watch how she uses her body, face, and gestures to connect to the audience. She creates a comfortable and easy going atmosphere built around trust. She smiles often and maintains great eye contact. She often leans in for connection.

  • Matching tone for the audience - this shows empathy and care for the speaker you're communicating with.

  • Able to build upon interviewer's questions to add appropriate detail and examples while maintaining a concise response - this allows for a natural back and forth

How She Could Improve:

  • Overuse of qualifying phrases such as "I think", "sort of" - this diminishes her credibility, especially when she is providing advice on something that she is an expert on.

  • Fidgeting - Katie often touches her earrings when responding which can be distracting.

by Michelle Batko Davis and Stephanie Bickel


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