The Power of Networking (and How to Feel Comfortable about it)

By Stephanie Bickel

Is your business one that grows on referrals? Are you looking for a new job? Networking can be one of the best ways to get yourself in front of people that can help you pursue your objectives. But it is also be intimidating to many people.

How can you make networking a fruitful practice without feeling awkward? In this article we share some tips to help you benefit from the power of networking.

Start early, before you need it.

Try to connect with people you know from your current or past jobs in a light manner before any “emergency” happens. You can do that through social media by simply tagging him/her on some interesting reading about a topic you both have in common (e.g., traveling, food, arts, etc.). The key is to find the right balance between “touching base” every now and then, while avoiding becoming repetitive or annoying.

Focus on the “right people”.

Focus on the “right people”. In case the situation requires quick actions, prioritize the goal you want to accomplish and find the individuals to help accomplish it. Remember that a former colleague or an old friend you haven’t seen in a while might be the most helpful person to approach.

Help people who reach out to you.

Never miss a chance to selflessly give someone a hand. This is the best way to be remembered going forward! After all, at some point, you may need to ask for help from someone.