Public Program

Perfecting the Pitch

This one-day program is for individuals who are seeking to win new business with presentations. The program focuses on the key ingredients of a strong new business presentation from start to finish. Various message strategies are applied to influence audiences at critical moments. Our goal is to provide a practice environment and have participants leave with a toolkit to maximize impact in future conversations.

Outline for 1-day Program

Opening Moments
Morning: 9am – noon
Self-Introduction | Firm Overview and Differentiators | Strong Starts to New
Business Presentations

Value Proposition
Afternoon: Message Strategies, 1 – 5pm
Success Stories | Handling Questions | Influencing Skills 

Private Coaching: Message Structures and Strategies  
5 Remote Coaching Sessions (Optional Add-On)


  • Comfort leading business development meetings from beginning to end
  • Confident delivery of your self introduction, company overview, value proposition, solutions, and process sections
  • Prepared to handle difficult questions and objections with clarity


August 12, 2020
Los Angeles

700 S. Flower Street, Suite 1000
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