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Leadership Communication Training

This two-day training is for emerging leaders who are seeking to expand their communication toolkits for leading and managing high performing teams. The program focuses on leveraging personal style, message structures, and influencing skills to motivate and guide teams, partners, and leadership. The importance of being flexible in your communication style and structure is emphasized and includes a multitude of video-recorded exercises. Participants are sent a custom development plan following the program.

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Perfecting the Pitch

This one-day program is for individuals who are seeking to win new business with presentations. The program focuses on the key ingredients of a strong new business presentation from start to finish. Various message strategies are applied to influence audiences at critical moments. Our goal is to provide a practice environment and have participants leave with a toolkit to maximize impact in future conversations.

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Presenting With Impact

Presenting with Impact

This one-day program is for high potentials seeking to strengthen the most critical communication skills to better convey credibility and present ideas. This program focuses on personal style, audience analysis, assertive communication structures, and handling questions. In a supportive and encouraging environment, we help participants find new, improved ways to present business cases and articulate a vision. We practice the skills with video-recorded exercises and include private follow-up after the training. Participants leave the program with an elevated presentation style and toolkit for connecting with senior leadership partners and their teams.

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