Voice and Speech



We start with listening to how you speak, then we go from there

Whether it is a regionalism you want to reduce or your vocal quality you want to change, we begin with a detailed assessment. Your coach will design a custom curriculum plan to target only the areas that need improvement. We assess your elocution, breathing, pace, pitch inflection, volume, and overall vocal quality.



We'll put you through exercises to get you speaking clearly

Clients seeking to change the sound of their voices are led through physical exercises to improve breathing, create a fuller vocal tone, and increase vocal flexibility and volume. Clients seeking to improve their speech intelligibility are led through drills to modify their pronunciation, intonation, stress, and rhythm.



You'll sound polished and professional in no time

Our work culminates with a final assessment and customized program for continued self-study. Maintaining a new speaking style requires diligent maintenance. Clients leave knowing how to keep their speech in place and their voice in shape.