Executive Presence



Figuring out the problem is always a good place to start

Using a survey and videotaped assessment, we build a curriculum rich in lecture, role plays, and demonstrations. We tackle topics such as developing a commanding presence from the moment you walk into a room, maintaining energy in presentations and client or team interactions, addressing off-putting questions with grace and confidence, using idea synthesis to crisply get your point across, using storytelling strategically, reading nonverbal signals, and acquiring overall executive gravitas.



Practicing the things you’ve learned will help you change

Clients receive direct, constructive feedback on how they can improve. Coaches challenge their clients with assignments and impromptu speaking exercises. Portions are videotaped to monitor and measure progress. Our exercises provide executives with strategies for conflict management, time management, connecting with others, bridging curltural divides, and managing the media.



Once you have some practice under your belt, this becomes the fun part

With the support of your coach, clients translate techniques to their business and social settings. Coaches are available to assess progress by: observing client’s communication skills in meetings, on calls, and at speaking engagements; conducting 360º evaluations; videotaping the delivery of formal presentations and responding to challenges from an audience. We conclude our programs with a final assessment summarizing what was achieved and where the client should focus going forward.