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Communication Consulting

Communication Consulting

If you are an internal communications professional looking to augment your own skillset, we’d be delighted to coach the coach. If you are a trainer or learning & development leader, we would be delighted to help you have the greatest impact possible in your trainings and talent development processes. We take on select communication consulting engagements to work on communication strategy, executive communication training, and learning and development projects.  If you have a need for something special, contact us for a call

Communication Training Overview

Impact Level
New Joiner

To establish communications standars. Better Presence and Managing Up Effectively

To establish strong presentation and facilitation skills

To establish better team communication norms and practices

To empower others and improve negotiation skills


Here are some example ways we can help

Internal Communication Consulting

  1. Communication Planning for Internal Initiatives

  2. Messaging for Marketing Campaigns

  3. Messaging for Re-Branding

  4. Creative Formats

  5. Coach-the-coach sessions

Learning & Development Consulting

  1. Designing the Communications Learning Journey from top to bottom

  2. Developing Course Catalogue

  3. Designing Methods for Measurement and Sustained Impact

  4. Train-the-trainer executive communication training sessions

Thank you for helping me coach my CEO for his first townhall. Because it went so well, we now have a stronger relationship.



Leadership has agreed to make the big change. How do you get the entire organization supporting and then leading the change? We can come in at any stage to help strengthen the communication strategy and help build the communication plan.

Communication Consulting for Internal Initiatives

Our creative coaches can help you come up with high impact messaging for newsletters, podcasts, speaking events.  We can coach your leaders on the messaging that has been developed, or help you create it.

Messaging for Marketing Campaigns

The new branding effort is underway. Now, how can we help craft the messaging for your sales and marketing teams to support the brand. We can help craft the talking points and messages for campaigns that maximize the value of your new brand.

Messaging for Re-Branding

How do you leave a lasting memory?

  1. Be original

  2. Be real

We can help you design and lead creative meetings and presentations. Get your people and your clients talking about you because of your unforgettable content.  Would you like to re-design the way you speak with client, run your all employee meetings, make video messages? We can help with events like townhalls, investor presentations, and top 100 leader meetings.

Creative Formats

Thank you for facilitating the focus group and helping us brand our new podcast series.



As an internal communications expert, do you ever feel like you could use some coaching?  We can be your assistant behind the scenes or working with you side-by-side. Here are a couple of examples of ways we helped:

Executive communication training & coach-the-coach sessions

A Managing Director at a Law Firm was frequently asking internal communications to write his monthly messages.  He would do many re-writes, and it was starting to put strain on the Communication Team’s capacity.  While still attending to the Managing Director, they outsourced the coaching and revisions to one of our coaches who helped manage his needs.  The Speak by Design coach developed a trusted relationship with the internal communication team and the Managing Director.  This coach still meets as needed with the Managing Director for important communications.



One of our clients had a large Request for Proposal presentation and wanted their internal communication experts to coach the team of 10 presenters. This was going to be a virtual pitch, and they were concerned about maintaining the audience’s attention. A Speak by Design coach reviewed hours of rehearsal footage and sent personal notes to each presenter on what they could do to improve their virtual presence, presentation skills, and increase creativity.  Our detailed analysis and suggestions to the team helped increase their confidence and ultimately won them the contract.


A Marketing Leader was preparing for her annual sales meeting. This was a 1000+ audience. Her company had hired an agency to write the speech and build the slides. A Speak by Design coach worked with her privately to help her memorize the content and make it her own.  Speak by Design advised the agency on how to further tailor content and visuals to help her deliver a motivating message on a tricky topic. 


A new Internal Communications expert needed to coach a CEO on some upcoming Covid time messages. He did not know the CEO well and wanted to know the best way to conduct the session.  Behind the scenes, we trained him on how to lead a productive CEO coaching session. He was able to make a great impression.  This paved the way for his becoming the CEO’s personal communication advisor and coach.

Check out Stephanie’s messages to Internal Communications experts on the EE Podcast.

  1. Designing the Communications Learning Journey from top to bottom

  2. Developing Course Catalogue

  3. Designing Methods for Measurement and Sustained Impact

  4. Train-the-trainer sessions

Many marketing and communications functions keep us as consulting resource for unique situations and an outside viewpoint. 

Suppose you are coaching an executive for a virtual townhall, we can help prepare for that coaching session behind the scenes.

Check out our downloadable guide


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