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Your clients don’t want to listen to your commercial. The goal in business development is to listen. You want to be conversational and comfortable when meeting prospective clients.

Presentation coaching will teach your sales team the skills that build relationships and win business. We help you craft and deliver unforgettable conversations. We help you move away from pages and decks.  We help you cut the clutter and take your listening skills to a new depth. Let us help you connect and inspire your clients to want to work with you now and for the long-term.

Here is what you will learn:

1. The Client Oriented Mindset

2. Opening Moments

3. Strong Starts

5. Value Proposition

6. Stand-Out Solutions

7. Process-Vision

4. Company Overview

8. Art of Dealing with Objection

We helped a financial advisory firm increase their win rate by 50% in their first year of engagement with Speak by Design.  Every team member had 5 coaching sessions and attended two group sessions. We built in targeted training at every career milestone and scheduled refresher sessions every review cycle.  Every member of the firm received coaching, so there was no stigma.  Performance was measured. Quarterly reports on the win rate were circulated.  Bonuses for leaders were reduced if they lost an account and did not schedule a rehearsal with Speak by Design.

Story 1

An IT product company gave top salespeople 6-months of support plus 6-months of access to on-demand coaching to help perfect their new business presentations. The company saw a 25% increase in win rate on new business presentations from those salespeople over a 12-month period.

Story 2

Relevant Topics


Presence and Mindset


Relationship Building and Networking


Strong Starts and Closes to Pitches


Crafting a client-oriented Company Overview




Impromptu Speaking Skills, Handling Questions


Storytelling, Recent Relevant Transactions


Influencing Skills


Poise under Pressure


Message Development, Audience Analysis


Success Stories

We had every client development professional partake in multiple group and private sessions. Our win rate doubled within the first year of their support. Client actually tell us our speaking skills are the best. We know why. Thank you.



We Won't Forget the Day We Met

We won’t forget the day we met


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