Public Program

Presenting with Impact

This one-day program is for high potentials seeking to strengthen the most critical communication skills to better convey credibility and present ideas. This program focuses on personal style, audience analysis, assertive communication structures, and handling questions. In a supportive and encouraging environment, we help participants find new, improved ways to present business cases and articulate a vision. We practice the skills with video-recorded exercises and include private follow-up after the training. Participants leave the program with an elevated presentation style and toolkit for connecting with senior leadership partners and their teams.

Outline for 1-day Program

Personal Style
Morning: 9am – noon
Assessment | Visual Leadership| Mindset | Vocal Presence | Remote Meetings

Message Structures
Afternoon: Message Strategies, 1 – 5pm
Audience Analysis| Strong Starts & Closes | Message Structure | Handling Tough Questions

Private Coaching: Message Strategies  
5 Remote Coaching Sessions (Optional Add-On)
Objections | Pushback | Managing Dissenting Viewpoints Handling Negativity | Influencing Skills


  • Recognize and practice physical and vocal elements of an effective delivery
  • Increase confidence and show peer-like behavior with professionals of all levels
  • Better tailored messages to your audience
  • Organize thoughts into a clear, concise message structure
  • Maintain composure and effectively respond to difficult questions


June 22, 2018

200 E Randolph, Ste. 5100
(Aon Center)
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July 20, 2018
New York

200 Park Avenue, Ste. 1700
(MetLife Building)
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December 13, 2018

200 E Randolph, Ste. 5100
(Aon Center)
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